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13 nov


Each of us is aware that the road can be really dangerous and treacherous in the winter. Such icing or ice can turn every vehicle into an uncontrollable machine in a fraction of a second, and an accident is born. That's why Cypher Environmental has developed a safer, environmentally friendly VIROTHAW® defroster.

14 apr

FogClean catches COVID-19 viruses

Our proprietary, ultrasonic dry fog system effecticvely sanitizes and desinfects large areas in minutes.

9 oct


UltraZyme products are available in three powder forms to meet the demands of a number of water-treatment needs (including algae treatment, effluent treatment and remediation of hydrocarbon contaminated soil and water).

24 sep

Dust Stop

Dust Stop® products are environmentally friendly and non-corrosive alternatives to traditional road dust control methods.

26 apr

Mobile Dry Fog application for ship loading

Dust Solutions, Inc. (DSI) has supplied and commissioned a portable dry fog system at Port Everglades, Florida. 

24 apr

The ReNo® adaptor protects Fogging Nozzles

A unique Adapter ReNo® was introduced to the market. The producer Dust Solutions, Inc. announced the launch of the ReNo®, retractable nozzle adaptor.

7 nov

Dry fog dust removal - Dry Fog™

The term "dry fog" is used where fog is made of droplets in the size of 10 µm or smaller.

6 nov


DustTamer™ is often used in connection with Dry Fog™ systems.