Dust Stop

Dust Stop® products are environmentally friendly and non-corrosive alternatives to traditional road dust control methods. Not only does the Dust Stop® line of products offer environmentally friendly solutions for road dust control, but they are also applicable for a range of other applications, such as erosion control of mine tailings and stockpiles, and other unpaved surfaces.

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Dust Stop Municipal Blend

Dust Stop® Municipal Blend is specifically designed as a non-corrosive and environmentally friendly alternative to road salts, such as magnesium chloride and calcium chloride, offering superior road dust control results.

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Dust Stop Liquid Concentrate

The highly concentrated, yet low viscosity and environmentally friendly form of Dust Stop® Liquid Concentrate provides a superior dust control product that is very easy to mix and apply.

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Dust Stop Powder

Dust Stop® Powder’s concentrated powder form allows for easy and cost-effective transportation and storage as compared to traditional highly diluted dust suppressant products.

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Dust Stop Uses

Dust Stop® products offer highly effective road dust suppression that can provide a variety of other dust control and erosion control application uses.

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Dust Stop Product application

While Dust Stop® products are used frequently as road dust control products; they have also proven to be extremely effective at providing dust suppression and erosion control on a variety of other surfaces as well as in an array of other dust control applications.

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