UltraZyme is a blend of live environmentally friendly cultures specifically designed to remediate organic wastes and provide odour control in a variety of water and wastewater treatment-related applications.

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UltraZyme Hydrocarbon Powder

UltraZyme HydroCarbon Powder (UZHC) has been created to suit unique effluent treatments as well as oil spills on land and in water. UZHC is a blend of environmentally friendly cultures specifically designed to consume, digest and reduce oil / gas as well as a number of other hydrocarbon-related spills and contamination in a wide variety of applications. 

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UltraZyme Powder

UltraZyme Powder (UZP) is a multi-use powder product specifically designed to reduce organic contaminants in a variety of wastewater treatment / effluent treatment applications. It is effective in industrial and domestic wastewater treatment and sewage treatment plants as well as food processing plants, agricultural facilities, meat processing facilities and numerous other water treatment and odour control applications.

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UltraZyme Uses & Application

UltraZyme is available in three varieties of powder forms for a number of unique wastewater treatment situations and applications. UltraZyme can be used for the following applications:

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